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Wholesale Screen Printing Pure Silk Women Fashion Silk Scarf with Custom Label

Style: Customizable
Pattern: Customizable
Design: Customizable
Length: Customizable
Trademark: OEM or ODM
  • 10014

  • 10014

Wholesale Screen Printing Pure Silk Women Fashion Silk Scarf with Custom Label

production specfication


Custom silk scarves are an unique and stylish way to wear your designs. What wecan do are mainly including fabric choosen,pattern confirm,customize dimension and to final edge finishing.
We offer printing on silk scarves in all sizes, including square scarves, oblong    scarves, etc.Welcome to customize silk scarves!

Our fabric selection

Natural mulberry silk is the most common silk. It comes from silkworms that eat mulberry leaves. Some silkworms are boiled alive in their cocoons to harvest silk threads for fabric. Mulberry silk is lightweight, somewhat breathable, and a good insulator.
All of our fabrics' content are all 100% mulberry silk , it is the most healthy ,eco-friendly nature fabric ,it like our second skin , protect your skin from the UV light and static electricity.

Eco-friendly and healthy Silk scarves

scarf 1

Commonly used silk fabrics for making scarves

12mm/14mm/16mm silk satin

12mm/14mm/16mm twill wire

6mm/8mm silk chiffon

8mm/10mm silk georgette

8mm silk power cord

12mm silk CDC

Advantages of custom silk scarves

* Fast sampling

*Advanced printing technology and certified ecological ink ensure pollution-free and skin-friendly.

* Printing method: digital printing, dyeing, screen printing, double-sided printing

* Hemming: triangle stitching, machine stitching, hand-rolled edges, fake hand-rolled edges, tassels, tassels

* Free marking and color matching before mass production



Size: Scarf size can be customized according to customer needs

Common sizes of square towels:

65 cm*65 cm (26*26 inches)

90 cm*90 cm (35*35 inches)

110 cm*110 cm (43*43 inches)

Common sizes for rectangular scarves:

53 cm*180 cm (21*71 inches)

65 cm*180 cm (26*71 inches)

65 cm*200 cm (26*78 inches)

Common sizes of silk twill:

6 cm*90 cm (2.3*35 inches)

8 cm*100 cm (3*39 inches)

10 cm*120 cm (4*47 inches)

Digital printing
The requirements for the pattern are not high, and various patterns can be printed, such as oil painting style, paste flowers with more color details, etc.

Single-sided digital printing is a popular and versatile printing method where the pigment permeates from the front to the back of the silk. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, the color on the back may appear slightly lighter. With low pattern requirements, various detailed patterns can be printed, including oil painting styles and multi-colored designs. This printing method has been used for a long time and is widely adopted.

Double-sided digital printing is the latest innovation in the field and is an upgrade of traditional digital printing techniques. This method allows for printing on both sides of the fabric, featuring identical or different patterns on each side. It addresses the issue of color inconsistency in traditional printing by ensuring consistent color and design across both sides. With a low minimum order quantity and quick delivery, it is a highly efficient printing method.digital print


Packaging and shipping

Packaging details: Packed in PE bags. Customized packages are also accepted

Port: Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai Port in China

Delivery time: Sample: 5-10 days

Bulk quantity: 15-30 days, depending on your quantity


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