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Shipping Guidance

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What is international Express ?

Terminologically, express means faster than standard and faster process.

Express transportation is highlighted as a method that aims to deliver the goods faster than the planned delivery date to the target locations by using non-standard methods. In express transportation is considered as a logistics approach that enables fast delivery of the goods and products to a different country.

Now the most popular international express includes the FEDEX , DHL , UPS ,CHINA POST and any other express

What is the advantage of international express ?

In the modern economy, speed and timing are the most important measures of efficiency. So completing tasks faster than they should create value. This golden rule applicable to the international express transportation process is the key to delivering goods and services to the destination at the fastest speed. Door-to-door service makes it easier for people to get the goods. In addition, almost all international express delivery can now Helping customers complete customs clearance, the comprehensive customs consulting application speeds up customs clearance and other factors that slow down traditional international trade. For some small and medium-sized customers, they will not worry about how to complete customs clearance and go through customs by themselves.

What we do for you ?

Since 2016, Zhigeng Silk is bulit in Hangzhou, China, we have a long-term and extensive export business worldwide, our customers can be small and medium studios, famous art and high-end fashion brands all over the world, when we cooperate with some new companies or some self-operated studios, they may not have established any of their own shipping accounts or their shipping rates are not competitive, in this case, Zhigeng Silk is happy to share our shipping accounts and our better shipping cost is for our customers' reference, through this, not only our customers will receive their goods safely and soundly, but also there is no worry about shipping.

Why our shipping cost is more competitive ?

Cause Zhigeng Silk work with many clients which are from all over the world , we ship the packages everyday , the express are willing to build long cooperation with us and offer the best shipping cost for us , when any clients want to save some shipping cost or have no time to arrange the shipping , Zhigeng Silk would like to do you a favor , we know how to export well and hope to offer any help we can do for you .

About the customs :

About any problem about customs clearances or customs fee , we also would like to offer any help we can do for you , just contact us .

Our cooperation express : DHL . FEDEX

Within 0.5kg , pls find our possible price as follow :

Asia :15-25USD

Austrila :25-35USD

North America :30-40USD

South America : 35-45USD

Europe :30-40USD

Africa : 45-65USD

Shipping by AIR or By SEA is available for us , we can help arrange the shipping for you when you confirm the forwarder information for us ,will prepare the customs declaration files for you before shipping , if any support we can do for you , pls feel free to ask ,we know well how to export the goods and glad to work for you at any time .

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