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Our Advantage

Our target customers are the fashion brands, individual designers and online shop owners. Our advantage is offering custom made silk products with your own designs and production demands. If you are new to this silk products fields, we are also open and willing to offer any suggestions and helps if you need.
Zhigeng silk is officially certified by BSCI,INTERTEK,SEDEX.SGS,all silk products’ quality are guaranteed. we believe in environmental protection ,human rights and health .
Our main markets are in the US market and European countries, with our good quality silk products, reliable workmanship and service, we have very good long term business partners around the world, our aim is to have win-win situation, we believe only both parties benefit from the business, it can last as long as possible.
We Control the Silk Production Quality
Zhi Geng Silk Co. takes quality management seriously by making sure all its’ products meet the highest standards. In order to ensure this, the company employs a rigorous quality control program, that focuses on the beginning to the end key components: Raw silk fabric procurement ,sampling ,printing, stitching &packing, shipping
Regarding the procurement of raw silk fabrics
ZHIGENG SILK worked with many good raw silk fabric suppliers and only purchases high-quality raw silk fabrics that meet the export 6A standards, our staff always strictly implements quality inspection standards when they inspect raw silk fabric , There are no more than 3 flaws in every 45 meters of fabric, and the size of the flaws does not exceed 1 cm. The width and thickness must meet the international standard, and the staff who involved in the fabric inspection have more than 5 years of work experience
Sampling involves design checking , color matching , sample making

Design checking

With more than 10 years working experience in silk company, our in-house designer not only has rich experience in design making, but also knows how to produce silk products very well, he can check if there is any defect in the design, and try to make your design match the production according to the final layout, such as order information for 89x89cm hand rolled silk scarves, our designer will check whether the printed size is 92x92cm, and whether the seam allowance is 1.5cm on each side, to ensure that all customized requirements are perfectly met.

Color matching

Color is the soul of design. Different colors can bring different moods to people. The designer carefully selected each color on the design draft before confirming it. Our digital printers are always on hand to show the colors on the design draft as close as possible, usually our digital printers will match 95% of the colors to the design, except for some special colors such as navy blue, gold, silver gray, we may suggest to print strike offs to test before production.
Also, if you want to follow any color in fabric or pantone number, Zhi Geng Silk is always happy to serve you.

Printing checking

There are more than 10 digital printing machines in our production workshop, with a daily output of tens of thousands of meters. We not only have abundant production capacity, but also our salesmen and designers will double check the order information before production. After all details are confirmed, the salesman place the order information to the corresponding workers for operation. In Zhigeng silk production workshop, one machine is assigned to one worker. They are responsible for checking whether there are any errors in the printing process and any defective printing on the fabric.
All workers can operate the equipment proficiently and safely, and our company will hold regular training on machine use and safe production to ensure that every employee can participate in production activities safely and efficiently.

Stitching & packing

After cutting, our workers will check all the print pieces carefully, pick out some defective ones, make sure the final pieces are good enough, then our workers will finish from sewing, ironing to packing.
Our available stitching is plain and zigzag, our edges are the finest stitches with 13 stitches per 1 inch.
After stitching we will iron each piece and pack them one by one or Packing according to requirements, our workers also check the quality during this period , if any piece is bad, we will pick them up to make sure the final piece is perfect


Shipping by express (Fedex, DHL), by sea , by air is available for us ,before shipping, we will pack all scarves well to avoid breakage during shipping.
For small package , we will pack one piece one pp bag and 12 piece one dozen ,then pack into the fedex/DHL envelop bag or small express box .
For over 45kg package , one piece on pp bag or as request , 12 pieces one dozen ,one design one bag separately then pack into one box accordingly .
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