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Scarf Manufacturing

Our office is located on Hangzhou China which is the silk city of China ,there are thousands of silk factories around hangzhou ,we can source an extensive range of high quality silks, all of which can be customized with your chosen printed design. We have the capabilities to take your custom scarf d

Silk Fabric Production

In the field of digital printing silk fabric ,With over years working experience with fashion brands ,museums, artist, small start-up, ZG silk are always glad to offer bespoke suggestions from fabrics choice from cotton to silk, designs for digital printing to packing for our clients , meanwhile we

Garment Production

ZG silk specialized in all kinds of silk products, with high quality and fast delivery time , we worked with many fahsion brands and deigners about the silk garments ,the pattern could be silk pajamas , silk kimino ,silk cami top and silk slip etc , ZG silk always take your garment design all the wa

Homeware Manufacturing

We take your custom homeware design all the way from your creative artwork to the finished cushions, pillowcase ,tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, or any custom printed fabric homeware product you desire. Our service 1. Designs creative guidance.If you are not sure about the printing , Our experien

Silk Accessory Manufacturing

silk is friendly to our hair and skin , ZG silk created and produced custom printed accessories such as eye masks, face masks, twillies, and many other accessories to a beautifully high standard and offer a wide variety of trims.Our service 1. Bespoke pattern creating ZG silk is crazy love to bespok

Design Creative

We will provide a large number of design elements for customers to choose from, which are divided into 4 categories, flowers, geometry, animals, and abstract. Customers can choose the corresponding elements according to their own needs.

Customized Package

Customized Package1. Customized packing box 2. Customized Lable 3. Customized hangtang 4. Customized sticker Customized packing boxpackage for Scarves Show case Evelope packing box packing boxPacking bag Evelope packing box box-1box-2package for homware Show case customized printed box Box-1box-2

Shipping Guidance

What is international Express ?Terminologically, express means faster than standard and faster process. Express transportation is highlighted as a method that aims to deliver the goods faster than the planned delivery date to the target locations by using non-standard methods. In express transportat

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