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Luxurious large digital printed silk scarf

Our scarf take 100% mulberry silk of high quality, it is close to skin and breathable, soft and smooth .Besides,it is very healthy and eco-friendly without pollution or peculiar smell.And we can custom scarf that you want for you,welcome to customize.
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Material introduce

Natural mulberry silk is the most common silk. It comes from silkworms that eat mulberry leaves. Some silkworms are boiled alive in their cocoons to harvest silk threads for fabric. Mulberry silk is lightweight, somewhat breathable, and a good insulator.

All of our fabrics' content are all 100% mulberry silk , it is the most healthy ,eco-friendly nature fabric ,it like our second skin , protect your skin from the UV light and static electricity.

silk fabric reference

Our fabrics

There are several different types of mulberry silk fabrics available on our company, each with unique qualities and characteristics. Some popular types of mulberry silk include satin/charmeuse, twill,chiffon, habotai,geogette and crepe de chine. Charmeuse is a popular choice for lingerie and dresses due to its smooth and shiny surface. Chiffon is a lighter and sheerer option that is often used for blouses and evening gowns. Crepe de chine is a heavier option that drapes elegantly and is commonly used in scarves and blouses.

Besides,we have silk cotton.cashmere,modal,wool,silk blend wool and other fabric.providing  many choices for you.

Product overview

These pictures are just as reference,we are make-to-order.



How to make a custom design?


1. Choose fabrics: 

Choose a scarf that is suitable for customization. Cashmere, silk, or cotton scarves are generally good options. Make sure the scarf is the right size and shape for your design.

custom made

2. Choose a design: 

Think about what you want to put on your scarf. You can create a design on your computer or by hand. If you need inspiration, look at examples online or in a store

pint way

3. Choose a printing method: 

There are two methods to customize a scarf, including screen printing and digital printing. Each method has pros and cons, so choose the one that fits your budget and desired results.


4. Choose hemming: 

Hand rolled is more elegant and beautiful,also we can offer hand rolling. Hand fringe mostly used for wool and blended scarves.  Machine hemming is better for large quantity with lower price, includes zigzag machine hemming and baby machine hemming.

hemming edge introduction

About size

Square scarf 20x20'' (50x50cm), 27x27'' (70x70cm), 36x36'' (90x90cm), 44x44'' (110x110cm), 53x53'' (135x135cm)
Oblong scarf: 2x33'' (5x87cm), 12x62''(30x160cm), 20x67'' (53x170cm), 26x78'' (65x200cm), 14x72'' (35x182cm)


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