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Custom Oblong100% Real Mulberry Silk Scarfs

Our scarf take 100% mulberry silk of high quality, it is close to skin and breathable, soft and smooth .Besides,it is very healthy and eco-friendly without pollution or peculiar smell.And we can custom scarf that you want for you,welcome to customize.
Hemming method:
Shipping :
  • custom

Product overview

These pictures are just as reference,we are make-to-order.

s-l1600 (4)


All of our produts are all 100% mulberry silk , it is the most healthy ,eco-friendly nature fabric ,it like our second skin , protect your skin from the UV light and static electricity.

s-l1600 (6)


You can bring your own designs to us ,we will custom unique scarfs for you.we can provide the custom services,fabrics and digital printing silks for you.welcom to customize.

s-l1600 (5)

Oblong silk scarf

  • The scarf could be used as head wrap, pashmina, shawl, stole, infinity scarf, hair scarf, lightweight scarf or beach cover by different knotting and wearing ways. It is a great addition to compliment your total looks and outfit for any occasions.

s-l1600 (3)

As a gift

An ideal and thoughtful gift for your beloved and special ones in celebration of Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation or other special days.

How to make a custom design?


1. Choose fabrics: 

We have a lot of fabrics can be choosed,meeting your needs. such as 100% mulberry silk: silk satin,silk twill,silk chiffon,habotai,Georgette,Cashmere, crepe de chine,wool, or cotton. Just choose the fabric that you like.

custom made

2. Choose a design: 

Think about what you want to put on your scarf. You can create a design on your computer or by hand. If you don't have your own designs,you can choose from our patterns,we have various patterns can be choosed.

digital print

3. Choose a printing method: 

There are two methods to customize a scarf, including screen printing and digital printing. Each method has pros and cons, so choose the one that fits your budget and desired results.

3.1The difference beteween digital and screen printing

pint way


4. Choose hemming: 

Hand rolled is more elegant and beautiful,also we can offer hand rolling. Hand fringe mostly used for wool and blended scarves.  Machine hemming is better for large quantity with lower price, includes zigzag machine hemming and baby machine hemming.

4.1Hemming ways introduce

hemming edge introduction

About some fabrics introduce


Silk satin

Silk satin is a soft, silky and shiny fabric with high toughness and gloss, often used in scarves, high-end fashion and dresses.


Silk Twill

Silk Twill is a fabric with diagonal texture. It is highly elastic and soft and is suitable for scarves, pants, suits and other clothing.



Georgette is a high-quality natural fabric with strong breathability and moisture absorption, as well as good anti-static and wrinkle resistance, making it suitable for making scarves.


Silk Chiffon

Chiffon is a soft, breathable fabric with strong light transmittance and softness, often used in women's clothes and scarves. The colors are rich and have a high sense of fashion.



Crepe de chine is a premium fabric with a grainy, soft and stretchy texture.



Cashmere scarf is soft and delicate, feels comfortable and has excellent warmth retention. Since cashmere is a natural fabric, it has unique hygroscopicity and breathability. The texture is very good.



Wool fabric is made from sheep's wool. It has a high softness, good waterproof and breathability, and high warmth retention.

About size

Square scarf 20x20'' (50x50cm), 27x27'' (70x70cm), 36x36'' (90x90cm), 44x44'' (110x110cm), 53x53'' (135x135cm)
Oblong scarf: 2x33'' (5x87cm), 12x62''(30x160cm), 20x67'' (53x170cm), 26x78'' (65x200cm), 14x72'' (35x182cm)


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