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Custom Digital Printed 100% Natural Silk Square Scarfs for Lady Scarf

Product: Custom Digital Printed 100% Natural Silk Square Scarfs for Lady Scarf
Fabric: 12mm,14mm,16mm silk satin,
MOQ: 20pcs/design
Size: 65x65cm,90x90cm,110x110cm, size can be customize
Print: Digital print
  • 10019

  • 10019

Looking for a stylish and luxurious accessory to enhance your wardrobe?

Our custom digital printed 100% natural silk square scarfs for lady scarves are the perfect choice. Made from high-quality, soft, and breathable silk, these scarfs provide ultimate comfort and elegance. With a range of vibrant and eye-catching patterns, our scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit. Our custom digital printing technology ensures that each scarf is unique and of the highest quality. You'll love how our scarfs feel against your skin and how they effortlessly elevate any look. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in style and comfort.

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Pure Natural Silk

Silk fabric has been used for hundreds of years and is known for its longevity and timeless beauty. This fabric is highly valued for its natural properties, including its wrinkle resistance, breathability, and moisture-wicking capabilities. It is perfect for creating elegant dresses, blouses, scarves, and even bedding and accessories.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk is biodegradable and has minimal impact on the environment. It is also hypoallergenic, making it the ideal fabric for those with sensitive skin. Silk is both lightweight and durable, ensuring that it will stand the test of time and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Our pure natural silk fabric is made from the highest quality fibers, ensuring that you are getting the best fabric possible. We offer a range of colors and patterns, making it easy for you to find the perfect fabric for your project. Whether you are creating a beautiful silk dress or a cozy silk scarf, our silk fabric will exceed your expectations.

silk fabric reference Complete range of fabrics

Our fabric collection boasts a wide variety of materials including silk satin, silk twill, and silk chiffon. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive range of silk fabrics for all your needs.

Our silk satin is a luxurious, high-quality material that drapes beautifully. It has a lustrous sheen and a buttery soft texture, making it perfect for elegant evening wear, bridal gowns, and formal dresses. With a variety of shades and hues available, you're sure to find the perfect color to suit your needs.

Our silk twill is a versatile and durable fabric with a diagonal twill weave. It's lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand daily wear, making it ideal for blouses, skirts, and dresses. Available in a range of classic and contemporary patterns, our silk twill is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Our silk chiffon is a light and delicate fabric that drapes beautifully, making it perfect for flowing gowns and romantic tops. With a soft, translucent finish, it can be used to create layered looks or delicate overlays. Available in a range of colors and prints, our silk chiffon is sure to add a touch of ethereal elegance to any design.

At our store, we understand the importance of finding the right fabric for your project. That's why we offer a broad selection of high-quality silk fabrics, so you can find exactly what you need to bring your vision to life. Shop our full collection today and discover the perfect silk fabric for your next project.

There are many reasons to choose our Custom Digital Printed 100% Silk Scarves of Ladies for your next fashion accessory purchase. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options and place your order today!

Scarf Hemming

hemming ways

Our scarves come in two different styles, machine-rolled and hand-rolled. Both styles are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The machine-rolled scarves are perfect for those seeking a more uniform look, featuring clean edges and a smooth finish. On the other hand, our hand-rolled scarves are truly one-of-a-kind, with each piece being unique due to the hand-crafted nature of the process. No matter which style you choose, our scarves are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Treat yourself or a loved one to the luxury of our beautiful scarves.

Products Parameters

100% Silk
Silk Fabric thickness (momme) Width
silk satin/ charmeuse 12mm/14mm/16mm 93cm/114cm/140cm
silk twill 12mm/14mm/16mm 93cm/114cm/140cm
silk chiffon 6mm/8mm 114cm/140cm
silk georgette 8mm/10mm 114cm/140cm
silk habotai 8mm/10mm 114cm/140cm
silk crepe de chine 12mm/14mm/16mm 114cm/140cm
Package 1 pc in a PP bag
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, Etc
Sample / Delivery 7-10 days for sample making
10-15 days for delivery
MOQ 20 pcs/design

Our company

As a pioneer manufacturer of custom silk products, Hangzhou Zhigeng Silk offers a comprehensive range of mulberry silk products, including scarves, pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies, headbands, masks, pajamas and robes. Our premium products have attracted the attention of customers around the world, earning us a reputation for affordable prices, superior quality and outstanding customer service.

We believe silk is more than just a fabric - it's a masterpiece we create. While luxury is often associated with silk, we strive to make it accessible to everyone by providing products that are durable, affordable, beautiful and comfortable.


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