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Custom 18mm Silk Twill Scarf with Full of Details

Custom 100% mulberry silk scarf with your own design
Fabric width:
  • ZG-W9448

  • custom

  • W9448

About silk

Silk represents civilisation, it is as thin as a silkworm's wing and as light as a cloud, yet it has carried 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation.

Legend has it that in ancient times, when the Emperor defeated Chi You, the silkworm god offered the silk she spat out in celebration, so the Emperor ordered the silk to be woven into silk and sewed clothes out of it, which to his surprise were exceptionally comfortable to wear. 

Emperor 's wife, Lei Zu, went looking for silkworms that could spit out silk, picked mulberry leaves and fed them to the silkworms, inventing mulberry silkworms and silk weaving techniques.H19bcfe0b06574f9d94c11238dbee83c8E


Composition 100%mulberry silk scarf
Fabric silk twill/silk satin(silk charmeuse)/silk chiffon/custom
Size 110*180/custom
Tickness 14mm/16mm/18mm/custom
Raw silk grade 6A
Style square
Printing digitial printing/screen printing
MOQ 10 pcs per design

Custom 18mm Silk Twill Scarf with Full of Details

silk twill scarf

silk twill scarf2

silk twill scarf3

silk twill scarf4

silk twill scarf5

silk twill scarf6

We can print your own artwork onto scarves,and we can also provide our own designs for you to choose from if you need.

If you have creative ideas and elements,feel free to let us know,our designer will help you make a scarf design.

Customize your own silk scarf
Fabric and size
Fabrics can be customised according to your needs,available silk fabrics are as follows:

silk fabric reference

Various Kinds of  Available Silk Fabric Choices:
SILK TWILL: Twill weaving construction, Brand Name Square Scarf use this fabric widely
Common Thickness(Momme):  12,14,16,18

SILK SATIN:Plain Weaving, Smooth Hand Feeling,  Popular with those who like shinny and smooth fabric
Common Thickness(Momme):10,12,14,16,19

SILK CRPE DE CHINE: Some Crepe Weaving on the fabric surface, no bright shinny feeling, good dropping feeling.
Common Thickness(Momme):12,14,16

Silk Chiffon:Light, Transparent, good for long shawls or big square scarves
Common Thickness(Momme):6,  8 ,10

Silk Georgette/GGT: Light, Transparent, good for long shawls, compared with chiffon, it has more crepe hand feeling and good dropping feeling
Common Thickness(Momme):8,10,12

SILK HABOTAI : Light, but not so transparent like chiffon , it has much density in weaving than chiffon and georgette , also it is much more shinny.
Common Thickness(Momme):8,10,12

SILK GGT SATIN : A good combination of silk GGT and silk satin.
Common Thickness(Momme):9


Large scarves always choose 36x36'' (90x90cm)
Large shawl always choose 44x44'' (110x110cm),53x53''(135x135cm)
Bandana scarves always choose 27x27''(70x70cm), 20x20''(50x50cm)
Pocket scarves(Handkerchief) always choose 12x12''(30x30cm)
Hajab always choose 36x36''(90x90cm)

Hemming ways
Normal ways:1.Hand rolling
2.Machine hemming(baby machine hemming +Zig ZAG)


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