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Custom 100% Silk Hair Scrunchies in Many Colors

Custom 100% mulberry silk scrunchies,we can provide our color book for you to choose color.
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Advantage of 100% mulberry silk hair scrunchie

The 100% mulberry silk hair scrunchie has gained immense popularity due to its numerous benefits. One of the main benefits is that it is gentle on your hair, prevents split ends and breakage, and helps to maintain the natural moisture balance of your hair. Unlike other scrunchies, it does not snag or pull your hair and leaves no kinks or creases.

Our hair scrunchies are composed of 100 percent mulberry silk,no harm and binding to the hair,can meet export standards.


Custom 100% silk hair scrunchies in many colors
silk hair scrunchies are divided into two types,digital print and solid color hair scrunchies.
1.If you want to make solid color fabric silk hair scrunchies,we can provide our color book for you to choose.


If you need a more precise color,you can tell us the Pantone color number.

2.If you want to make digital print silk scrunchies,we can print your own patterns onto scrunchies,such as oil painting style, vintage style, animals, flowers designs etc.and if you do not have your own patterns,we can provide our patterns for your reference.

silk scrunchies1

silk scrunchies3

silk scrunchies4

Fabric choice
The most commonly used silk fabric for silk hair scrunchie is silk satin, which has a soft and silky quality.

silk satin

Of course you can also choose other silk fabrics,like silk twill,silk CDC.

Size of silk scrunchies
The picture shows some common sizes, you can also choose any size you want, we offer a bespoke service.


About us
We are specialized in custom silk products,and silk hair scrunchie is one of our products.All of our silk scrunchies are made of 100% mulberry silk with best grade 6A.

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Q1:What is the price?
A1:Different fabric choices, sizes, thicknesses all affect the price,and we have some discounts if you have a large quantity.

Q2:I'm doing it for the first time, what are your recommendations for the best fabrics?
A2:We welcome all first time customers and our fabrics are all 100% mulberry silk, with the most suitable for hair scrunchie is silk satin.

Q3:What thickness should I choose?
A3:For silk satin hair scrunchies,we have 16momme,19momme,22momme,etc.The momme of silk hair scrunchies refers to the weight of the silk fabric measured in grams per square meter. The higher the momme, the higher the quality of the silk.The basic option is 16mm and is the most price friendly option, if you need something a little thicker, go for 22m or above.

Q4:Which colors are availbale?
A4:Available in a large selection of colors,you can also provide with a Pantone color number so we can be more clear about the color you need.

Q5:I want to do digital printing, what are the options?
A5:If you have your own patterns,you can send us;or if you do not have patterns,we can provide some for you to choose.

Welcome to consult,we will provide you with the best products and service!

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